I Don't Like These

One of the fun things about sending out items you hate is they go away. This seems obvious, but it’s also a nice freedom about mailing everything you make. Currently I have a stockpile of about 12-15 larger items and that’s all I have of my work. At this point I’ve probably sent 500 or 600 smaller postcards. Sometimes I get images of that work back, and other times they just disappear. This is just part of the process. I’m sure many of the things I’ve received from far greater artists were hard to put in the mail. In the case of these two larger cards, I’m completely happy to see them go. I don’t like them. I even wrote on the back that I didn’t like them. Don’t remember who I sent them to at this point…just the next in the list. I used a nice layer of ripped stickers to my usual routine, which felt like a good idea but ended up being a pretty bad one. From there I ripped a few more things and added to the top, but what’s made them terrible is the bright tape I put over the front. At first I was like, “Sure, why not…let’s add some tape…let’s be adventurous.” I did it and immediately regretted the decision. It was easy to drop these in the mailbox. I was happy to see them go. Maybe the two folks that receive these will enjoy them or at least find something like they about them. Oh well, next time!


Anonymous said…
Love this post. Very true!