Sent to Mom Kat in Greece

So a little bird told me that one of my favorite mail-artists Mom Kat, was having a special birthday. Considering that I’ve sent things to Mom Kat and she’s sent things to me, great things, and consistently for about three years, I had the capital idea…birthday present! It’s not that capital of an idea, but it’s one nonetheless. Instead of making a tape collage for her, I decided to do something a little different. Over a period of a couple weeks, I searched for “smalls” at thrift shops and junk stores. I collected all of these little things into a German reel to reel box, and sent them out to Greece right before the postal rate increase. I was sure to send out before the rate increase. I think it all came out pretty well. Mom Kat took at the pictures and here they are. I hope she had a great birthday. The hot guy was the card.


Taidgh Lynch said…
that's quite a haul!
zzzzzzzz said…
I'd never done anything like that before. It was a lot of fun.