From Susanna Lakner (Germany)

One of the best things about mailing stuff all around the world, after the conversations you have and the connections you make with people, is obviously the art folks send to you. “The museum really is the mailbox.” Even stranger is that some of my favorite artists, like ever, the most inspiring ones, the most interesting ones etc., are the people that regularly send me things in the mail. How often does one get to say this? I get original works from my favorite artists in the world. It’s an amazing feeling, and even better when they seem enamored with what you do. Susanna Lakner is one of those people. Just yesterday she sent me this artist book filled with reproductions of some of her collages. A little side note, when her things come up on IUOMA I often mistake them (at least for a second) for my own work. The amount of ideas that I’ve stolen from her is vast. Not only did she include the collection, but she put in a new work.


Planet Susannia said…
Thanks a lot.
You inspire me in the same way too.