Friday, April 19, 2013

A Summer Mail Art Zine

It wasn’t two weeks ago when I decided to put together a zine for the summer. It was a quick thought, a whim at best. Since I’m not doing any extensive traveling this summer I decided to do a lot of work. Lots of classes and lots of projects. Not only am I doing the mail art zine but I’m going to do one with movies, watching one from each year starting in 1925 and ending…later.
For the mail art zine I solicited some help from the network, made a layout for the thing, then mailed them out to those that said they wanted one. The whole process took maybe a week from conceptualization to dropping them in the mail. One of the people in Ireland just wrote me to say he had received his “golden ticket” as I called them. The world really is a magical place.
Above are both the front and the back of the card. I went with a red and black theme, can you tell? I couldn’t resist using a stamp with my face on it.
Here is the instructions card made with government paper and ink. I wanted this to be a somewhat punk rock mail art zine, so I’m going to roll with no color on this one to keep costs down considering that I have to mail these back overseas. Hopefully people will stay with the “no color” thing because it’s not going to show up. Everyone gets a sticker from me, and they’re always moderately stupefying. I have no idea what this is supposed to mean?
Now I have the big question of whether or not to post what I receive as I receive them? Should I show everyone what I’m getting and spoil the surprise or just have the zine as the sweetener? Since everything has moved rather quickly in both the analog and the digital world, I’m not too sure how I should approach this. Not only is this project dependent on the technology but it’s dependent on updated but tried and true mail art networking. I shall ask some people that know stuff.

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