Sent to Montana

Only every once in a while will I do one of those “add and pass” items, or an all call. I never know what to do with add and pass and all calls generally have too many rules. If I send to an all call it has to be an open submission type. I don’t get these ridiculous themed all calls like your artwork needs to be two inches by two inches, it has to be purple, and you have to send it from the Bahamas. If there are no rules and no theme, I almost always send something, if I actually see it out there-they seem to be somewhat rare.
No idea where I saw this one, but I liked the idea. I’m into states. Basically you fill in Montana with something. I went with a tape collage, a short story, and a smart-ass response. The smart ass response is obvious where I fit North Carolina into Montana. I thought it was funny, but I could see where someone would get a little annoyed. I’m a big NC guy, I rep my set, so I thought I needed to do that even when participating in a mail art event in one of our least populated states. Thankfully I found the images on their blog that showcases all of the entries. It really is a great project and he seems to have tons of things posted, all of which are better than what I did.