Work Notebook (Ray Johnson Is Everywhere)

One of my favorite things in the world are these composition notebooks, the ones you always see in movies in the 50’s or 60’s. I’m sure they had more than these notebooks, but film and television doesn’t like to show anything else. I’ve always loved them. I’ve always used them for really long trips and in this case, my work notebook.
The first week I was a full time instructor, I noticed that people were taking notebooks with them to meetings so I did to. Since I always have a few of these handy it was what I took to the meeting. Now that I’ve been full time for a little while (starting my fifth year) I’ve developed some patterns. Every two years I start on a new notebook, this one is obviously my third and it’s got a jump on the others. I’ve almost filled the back of this one and the front is coming along nicely with stuff I find around school.
On the inside I have notes from meetings, conversations with coworkers, and a lot of little doodles. More interestingly, I have a lot of found notes, little things I’ve rescued from the floor or notes given to me during a class, anything interesting I felt I needed to keep. My shelves are starting to fill up with these notebooks.


PamelaArtsinSF said…
I have tons of those notebooks too....
zzzzzzzz said…
I guess I need to take some pictures of some of my older journals? Hmmm...looks like I need to get the ole' camera out.

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