Sent to Hungary

I’m making bigger cards these days, not for any particular reason other than I keep finding a lot of interesting heavy cardboard out in the world. Recently I found (I buy these things all the time) these heavy duty flashcards with simple line drawings on them, exactly the sort of thing I like to mail about. Even further back, I got these great cards (I’ve sent a bunch but no images have shown up online) that were even bigger. Really heavy duty cards with one letter on them in the left corner. Beside the letter was a space for the student to practice making the letter. These have been really fun to send around. Hopefully someone will post an image so I can share with everyone.
Anyway, so I’m making bigger cards and I’m trying to do some different things, use more color and more resources. Often I get bogged down in just ripping up old Life Magazines one after another. It’s so much fun that I have to push myself to stop doing this constantly. Instead I’m using more stickers and mixing different types of images to get some trashy…for sure, but something that stands out a bit more. Sometimes I use too much color, and other times I think things come out pretty well.
To be honest, I think this card that I sent to Hungary is pretty cool. It’s got the old vintage ladies, Life Magazine images, but I’ve thrown in contemporary magazines as well as lot of found stickers, which are mostly dots and lines. I have no idea how to work in really specific stickers like the ones of Cinderella I’ve ended up finding and then purchasing some time ago. Anyway, I’m looking forward to the fall break coming up next week. I’m going to try some new things, push myself to mess up stuff. I’m thinking about stickers. I’m thinking about a mass mail like I’ve never done before. I can’t wait until next week!
I’m sure using the “fish” card here will illicit thoughts of that Dali joke I heard years ago.