Big Elvis

Been making more big shits lately. There’s no real reason to do this other than I want to. Instead of just churning out more and more postcards (I’m even doing bigger postcards now) I’m working with items not meant to be mailed. I’m doing this for no particular reason other than to make something a little larger. I have no avenue for these to be seen other than a scan posted here or through the IUOMA network. They’re just there, gathering dust. I make sure to put a completion date on the back of them as a reminder.
This little item, an Elvis item, took me a couple weeks…sort of. Instead of sitting down, putting things on the watercolor paper, taping it up, and then moving on, I spent a couple weeks adding little things to this one. It just said on the corner of my bed and every once in a while I’d add a tape transfer here, and a word there. It was a lot of fun. It’s an “active” collage with Elvis as the center piece. I wanted to overlay an old bluesman over the top to really make a statement, but I did away with that. Who needs more statements anyway?