Thanks Claudia McGill - Evidence of Pittsburg

Out of the blue I received an email from the wonderful Claudia McGill in Pennsylvania, someone I’ve traded mail-art with for a while. It seems that she visited the zine library in Pittsburg and saw an item that I sent to them. I did this for a little while, sending out things to various zine libraries around the world. I know one of them ended up in Croatia, another in Ukraine, and now its official, Pittsburg. Here’s the message she sent me.
“Hi Jon, We were in Pittsburgh this last weekend visiting our son and stopped by the Carnegie Public Library to look at the zines, since I had sent mine there. We saw it. And – we saw yours, too! Right there in the travel section. I’m sending pictures so you can envision it – one of the one blog, didn’t photo the other one, in the basket, and then a picture of the location. Looked good!”
Not only is it a wonderful gesture from Claudia, but it’s amazing to see a zine I made in such a place. This was something I wrote in China, typed and proofread at home in Winston, and printed in Lexington. Maybe one hundred of these are out in the world, and still in print, if someone asks for it. The other two are out there as well, but I’m not sure if I sent those to the library?
More importantly, whatever I created is near a Cometbus, which is pretty much my gold standard for zines. I think I sent something to Aaron as well, but I can’t remember. It seems that I go to the post office too many times.