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Sent to Katerina in Greece - Images From Katerina In Greece

I often wonder what types of things people focus on with these silly things I make. This goes for it all, whether it’s Nostrils, the zines, or more often the mail-art. Almost every time I get positive feedback it’s for something I never even thought about, some minute detail about a postcard I never thought about. They’ll comment about some small thing in the corner of the card that was put there just to cover up the backing. They’ll comment about a certain color of strip next to a different stripped piece of paper that wasn’t calculated. Honestly, it all just comes together without much planning, but in the interpretation these things get deep. I love this aspect of the process, making something, sending it out there and seeing what people have to say about it. Don’t care if that interpretation is well past my intention or just plain wrong, I love it. It is, after all about who’s honoring me now. This collection of images was posted on the IUOMA site by the lovely Katerina in Greec…

Ex Postal Facto Book

Unfortunately the Ex Postal Facto meet up didn’t’ happen when I could make it all the way out to San Francisco. All of the images coming from the event made it look amazing, a lot of fun, it would have been great to go. It did seem like there were a lot of older folks there, which is troubling, only because I worry about the health and longevity of the whole project. I want it to continue so we need more new blood. It could have simply been a time and money issue and not a lack of interest from folks younger than the first or second generation of mail-artists. The main promoter of the event recently posted something about an official catalog off the event that I was thankfully able to be included. I sent several things to Carmela in California and she turned those items into a book. Before I saw the catalog I saw a video of someone wondering through the exhibit and there it was something I made behind glass. I felt really good about this you know, having something behind glass and t…