Sent to Katerina in Greece - Images From Katerina In Greece

I often wonder what types of things people focus on with these silly things I make. This goes for it all, whether it’s Nostrils, the zines, or more often the mail-art. Almost every time I get positive feedback it’s for something I never even thought about, some minute detail about a postcard I never thought about. They’ll comment about some small thing in the corner of the card that was put there just to cover up the backing. They’ll comment about a certain color of strip next to a different stripped piece of paper that wasn’t calculated. Honestly, it all just comes together without much planning, but in the interpretation these things get deep. I love this aspect of the process, making something, sending it out there and seeing what people have to say about it. Don’t care if that interpretation is well past my intention or just plain wrong, I love it. It is, after all about who’s honoring me now.
This collection of images was posted on the IUOMA site by the lovely Katerina in Greece. I can name only two other people that have received more mail art from me, than Katerina. It’s always a pleasure to exchange things with her, and even better to have small conversations here and there.
And here it is…what she saw as interesting in this postcard. Her images show the haphazard mess of the whole thing, the absurdity. I hate the white space in between the different colors. Normally I try and cover this up to keep the thing bouncing along and painfully splashed with as much as I can. The whole minimal, a couple pieces of material thing, doesn’t work for me. I need to cover up those spaces, have to cover up those in between colors. I’m so thankful that Katerina took the time to post these images.


Yes--the images are great. And getting a response from people you send mail art to is wonderful -- I agree. So, ok, I must know -- who are the the two people who get more mail from you?
zzzzzzzz said…
Pamela, I think I send a few more things to Mark in France and Richard Canard. It's strange that these two people were two of the first people I ever sent mail-art to. It's nice to know that there's some longevity in this whole thing. Thanks for your interest.