An Allan Bealy Project

The wonderful mail-artist / artist / super guy Allan Bealy sent me a message a couple months ago about. He directly asked me to take part in a project he was putting together for the New Year. The idea was to give 26 mail-artists one letter of the alphabet. The artists creates a work about the letter and then Allan makes a proper book out of it. When he asked me to join the project I was thrilled, flattered, and amazed that he would even think of me. This guy is fucking good, like great, like amazing.
I took too long to create something. I thought about it off and on for at least two weeks before I decided to put it together. I ended up making two different collages, both were very simple. I wasn’t happy with either of them, but I thought they displayed what I normally create. Instead of picking one, I sent both of them to let him decide. He chose the one I knew he would chose, which was a bunch of tape-ripped circles. I used circular tape so the composition had a little more movement than if I used rectangular slices of tape. It was simple but I liked it, fine. He seemed to like. I can’t wait to see what everyone else did.
And the image...