Friday, July 24, 2015

Andy Ross Mail!

And here are a bunch of collages with Andy Ross’ face on them. I have to admit that this project is one of the most fun activities I did all summer. No real set out goal other than to use his visage to make a postcard. He didn’t know I was doing it either, I made a large stack and then systematically mailed them a day apart to him.
The idea came to me when we were together in Asheville earlier this summer. He said that he “didn’t have anything to go on his walls.” To me this was a challenge, not that he wanted a lot of postcard sized images of his face on his walls, but that’s what he got. Well, two of them are 8 x 10 sized images of his face, and the other is a Steely Dan themed canvas that came out super well. Anytime I can put “dildo” on a collage it’s a good day.
I can only image how he will explain this to people that come to his apartment. What if he has a lady caller over and she walks into an apartment filled with images of himself. To make matters worse there’s an image with “dildo” spelled on the front. If she’s a fan of progressive rock and roll then she may get the joke, if she isn’t it could the end of a date. “So, why does that say ‘dildo’” she may ask? Just think of the maneuvering Andy will have to do and explain the reference and the reason for it handing on his wall. This is why I do it, this is why I create things, to help engender awkward conversation.

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