Deerhoof Mail

Initially I wanted to create something for the upcoming live record, but that was a no go. I can’t draw and they wanted a manga themed cover. In the back and forth I talked through email with the main man on stage right. He said I should go ahead and send something if I wanted, and to his home address. A few weeks ago I sent the first item and have slowly sent a few other things. The band is on tour so I doubt anyone has actually seen what I created, who knows if they’ll see it either way.
It’s quite nerve-racking to mail things you’ve created to people you admire. I wrote a letter to accompany my first collage that outlined my love of the band. It was hard to present myself both as a fan and someone who isn’t psychotic. In a few paragraphs I mentioned stuff about both mail art and seeing them a half dozen times over the past ten years. Who cares right, does it really matter? Might as well be a fan and show that enjoyment directly to them. I’m sure they’ve gotten hundreds of such items over their twenty year career, but this is the first from me. I’m going to continue and make and send for as long as my interest continues, or until he tells me I need to stop.