Student Created Ray Johnson Add To and Return Sheets

The finals period for all of my classes are a complete waste of time. The school says I have to have the students show up and have me evaluate them. It’s not explicit what I’m supposed to evaluate them on, so I play around with this last part. For years I’ve had my students bring in coloring pencils and then color in some picture I’ve provided them. Everyone shows up for this, even though I tell them what we’re going to do. Failing students show up even if they haven’t been there for the past three weeks.
For two years I’ve had them fill in a Tucker body. With all of the scanning and Tucker shows and Tucker pillowcases and general Tucker discussion, I couldn’t look at his face anymore. I went with a more generic exercise. Who doesn’t like a Ray Johnson silhouette? Everyone giggled as they were doing the assignment, most took pictures of their creations. I let them know that this connected to something much larger, I even mention Johnson’s name but no one asked any further questions. These were my favorites of the bunch.