A Book of Ideas For Cheating

So I’m not exactly sure what I should call this particular book? The basic guts of the book are those iconic eighty sheet composition books that have been floating around since the 50’s. Maybe not the 50’s but that decade feels right to me? I love those books. For years I’ve made all kinds of things out of them from tour journals, to my mail-art address books, to where I put all of my doodles I make during meetings. I must have ten or fifteen of them filled with random stuff from over the past ten years.
This book design is a little different; it was designed for children, an open space for drawing at the top and lines for writing at the bottom. A nice book for a child to work on their letters is a great book for me to get down some ideas. The shape of the book and the maker are exactly the same as the old standard. I bought the book knowing that I was going to use it for something at some time.
Bored in my backroom where I keep most of my mail art items, I noticed the book had fallen on the floor. At the time I was a little listless, not sure what I wanted to work on or if wanted to make anything at all. Without giving it much thought I started riffling through all of the random techniques that I’ve employed over the years, searching for that one thing that sounded appetizing. I never found the thing; instead I put the book back on the bed and then went into the living room to sit in front of the television.
Then it hit me; why not make notes about all the different ways I create my trashy collages? I went back into the room and picked up the book and decided it would be where these ideas would be housed. So that’s it, I’ve started with these pages. Some are devoted to more involved tasks like the “tape rip method” and other pages will simply say “paint.” The idea is that I can use the book to help me through difficult works. I feel like there’s a name to this type of book but I haven’t come across it just yet.
So that’s the first half of the book. The second half is going to be ideas for collaborative projects. You know “one on ones, “add and passes” and these “add and return boards” that I just sent out this week. It should be a fun project to collect all of these things. In between I plan on writing out longer descriptions of the process, where it came from, and how I can make it work better.