Monday, July 11, 2016

Makings With Central European Trash

When I went to China I was just getting started sending mail-art. Thankfully I picked up a bunch of items from newsstands and from the trash to make a nice set of cards. They came out pretty well, not great, just ok. On my recent trip to Central Europe the mail-art obsession had solidified. One of my major outings in Hungary was about mail-art. The whole time I was picking up bits of paper, sometimes thinking about how I could use it later. I didn’t actually buy anything I just took back trash. As soon as I got back I made a load of cards from what I had smuggled out. One of my trip companions collected things for me as well and left the pile on my work desk a couple weeks ago. These three images are (mostly what she gave me) out of the items she left me. I’m going to give one to her as well as a couple other folks that went on the trip. The cat one is my favorite.


Pamela Gerard said...

Love 'em!

FinnBadger said...

LOVE the central Europe kitty.

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